Holiday Candy Cane Truffles


Candy Cane Truffles are so delicious what a way to treat the season.Peppermint and Chocolate are like a marriage made in heaven.The nice spicy mint taste on the outside with the  sweet taste of white chocolate.They make the perfect pair.They have some crushed peppermints in them to give you a hint of peppermint surprise.This made with golden cookies and white chocolate.This is traditionally made with  dark chocolate cookie and dark chocolate but I decide to go out side of the box.These truffles not that sweet the white chocolate and the golden cookies are nice together.So if you make these you will how delicious they are.


These truffle are the perfect holiday treat once you have one you won’t be able to eat one.They are just that good.These are good for your holiday parties or just for you and your family.They are easy to make and take about 30 minutes to make and maybe 30 minutes in your  refrigerator and that’s how simple and easy it is.The recipe can be doubled.


15 Golden Sandwich Cookies

7 tbsps vanilla frosting

2 candy canes-(crushed)

1/2 cup white or chocolate chips

2 tsps vegetable oil








  1.  Put  cookies into a food processor and grind into crumbs.
  2. Put the cookie crumbs to a bowl  and add the frost. Mix with a spoon  or spatula until  completely mixed.
  3. Now fill a sauce pan with a 1/2 cup of water and boil the water.Once the water has boiled place a medium bowl on top of sauce pan and turn the heat down low.
  4. Add the chocolate chips into bowl and with a whisk or spatula stir until chocolate chips have all melted.
  5. Take the balls of dough and dip them into the chocolate.Set them on a wax paper line plate or baking sheet.
  6. Place them into the refrigerator and let them set for 30 to 40 minutes.
  7. Now place them on a serving dish and Enjoy!!
  8. Happy Holiday!!